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Website Development

Websites can be developed using html, css, java, wordpress , wix and shopify

Developing a website using HTML/CSS/JS provides more flexibility and control over the design and functionality of the website. It’s a good choice if you have specific design requirements or need custom functionality.

On the other hand, WordPress is a popular content management system that simplifies the process of creating and managing a website. It’s user-friendly and offers a wide range of themes and plugins for added functionality. WordPress is a good choice if you want to quickly set up a website without extensive coding knowledge.
Ultimately, the decision should be based on your specific requirements, technical skills, and the long-term goals for your website.


Long term Needs

Short and Simple




Customise Each Element


Template form so customization not availabe

We should use HTML/CSS/JS instead of WordPress for website creation in following conditions:

  • If we have sufficient and significant knowledge about these technology.
  • If we want full customization options in our website and control over each and every part of it.
  • If we also have the knowledge about all the other web technology and things that our website will require e.g.- in case if our website will require a database then we must also possess knowledge about the concerning DBMS for example MySQL. It may also happen that we find a need to integrate some external components in our website like- twitter tweet box, facebook like button, payment gateway, shopping cart etc. Hence we should also have knowledge about them too otherwise we may get stuck.
  • If it is a website created for startup which will expand in future (e.g. – the manner facebook or Google were created) then choosing HTML/CSS/JS instead of WordPress will give us more flexibility to do anything with our website in future.
  • If the client doesn’t want to use PHP or if we are planning to use other technology like- ASP, JSP etc. for development instead of PHP.
  • If we are designing a website for a client and we don’t know what technology will he/she use for development then using WordPress will force him/her to use PHP. In this case we should use HTML/CSS/JS.
  • If you have sufficient time to create a website using HTML/CSS/JS.
  • If we don’t want to use any CMS like – WordPress.

We should use WordPress instead of HTML/CSS/JS for website creation in following conditions:

  • If we don’t have much knowledge about HTML/CSS/JS and still want to create a website and manage it.
  • If we are creating the website for a client who doesn’t bother about using any technology and who wants to have a good admin panel so that he/she can manage the website content and the website itself after you leave it.
  • If our major concern is the website content and if we want to manage our website content well and want to change website theme at regular interval without the burden of coding again.
  • If we have short deadline for creating the website and the person for whom the website is created is okay with WordPress and PHP.
  • If we don’t want to create a website from scratch and code for little things.
  • If we quickly want to create a blog.
  • If we don’t bother about creating a custom design and if we are okay with using available WordPress theme.
  • If we are planning for a sophisticated website and doing it in WordPress then we should also know how to create custom themes, customize an already created theme etc. things. While building a sophisticated website there can be some situations in which we shall have to apply the knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS at some place e.g.- changing the color of a button, re-sizing a website element etc. So be aware of this and plan accordingly.
  • And again there are many other reasons for using WordPress…..

We can also use a combination of these two. I mean we can use HTML/CSS/JS for making some of the parts of the website and we can also use WordPress for the rest of the website.

In all the cases the ultimate motive is to create a website. And it is up to us or the client. The final decision varies on the situation and facts explained above.


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